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250 Children in the town of Warwick are living in poverty

We help needy children in Warwick Township by distributing new and like new clothing 4 times a year.

What We Do

Our Mission

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Four Seasons Kids is a children’s clothing outreach program started in conjunction with St. Stephen the First Martyr Church in Warwick, New York.

The mission of Four Seasons Kids is to help needy children in Warwick Township and the surrounding areas by soliciting, collecting, cleaning and distributing like new (and new) clothing four times per year, once each season. 

  • Warwick is a town made up of three villages; Florida, Greenwood Lake and Warwick. It has a population of about 32,000 people with 6,880 being children age 17 and under.
  • It also has a poverty rate of about 3.5% which puts 240 children in Warwick Township living in poverty.¹
  • Additionally, an average of 29% or just over 900 children ages 5 – 13 are considered economically disadvantaged and therefore qualify to receive free or reduced rate school lunches based on their families meeting Federal guidelines.²

If you are interested in applying for this program, please click the LEARN ABOUT APPLYING HERE below.

1. United States Census Bureau, April 2, 2010
2., 2018-2019, Economically Disadvantaged


Children Helped

153 local children have been helped by Four Seasons Kids.

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Families Donated

Over 100 families have donated gently used and new clothing to help.


Volunteers Assisted

80 volunteers help with sorting, washing, ironing and distributing clothes.


Sponsors Donated

10 local businesses and families have sponsored or donated to our cause.

How It Works

each child will receive clothing 4 times per year

Once a family has applied and been accepted into the program their children will receive a bag of clothing four times per year. Each season’s bag will contain 5 to 6 outfits appropriate for that upcoming season in terms of time of year, temperature, holidays and special events. The schedule of distributions are as follows:


distributed in February/March


distributed in May/June


distributed in August/September


distributed in November/December


All Four

Clothing is delivered 4 times per year to local families in need.

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Outfits Are Provided

We provide families in need with 5-6 outfits for each child four times a year.


Winter Coats Provided

Four Seasons Kids has provided 245 winter coats to children in need.


Total Pieces Of Clothing

9,229 total pieces of clothing have been distributed to families in need.

How To Help

What you can do

Four Seasons Kids is grateful for the support of the community and local businesses in helping to achieve our mission.

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