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Support Our Mission

Our Local Sponsors

Four Seasons Kids would like to thank the following individuals, families and businesses for their generous donations of money, space and supplies to help get Four Seasons Kids up and running and to set up our permanent space in the St. Stephen Parish Community Center.

Glenn P. & Susan D. Dickes
Small Things Inc. 
St. Stephen the First Martyr Church 
Prana Website Design 
The Warwick Hope Chest

If you would like to become a sponsor or make a financial donation to Four Seasons Kids please contact Audra Schlesinger, Executive Director at or (845) 545-1209.

To further our mission financial donations from local businesses will help us to:

  • Purchase additional CLOTHING STORAGE ITEMS as needed for example, garment racks, rolling carts, storage tubs and hangers
  • Keep a supply of NEW UNDERWEAR, SOCKS AND PJS on hand for each distribution (these items are not given away used)
  • Replenish our LAUNDRY DETERGENT SUPPLIES to clean all clothing donations
  • Pay LAUNDROMAT AND DRY-CLEANING FEES for specific types of clothing donations that can’t be laundered in home machines
  • Purchase NEW CLOTHING if we run low on a specific size needed for a child in the program
  • Print PROMOTIONAL AND MARKETING MATERIALS that help us to get the word out about Four Seasons Kids to more clothing donors, in need families and businesses

Teaming Up

Our Partnerships

The Warwick Hope Chest

Four Seasons Kids is happy to announce that it has partnered with The Warwick Hope Chest located in Florida, NY to share resources as needed for each or our programs. With the goal of providing clothing to all those in need on our community, Four Seasons Kids will provide donated items that don’t fit the criteria for our program to The Warwick Hope Chest and The Warwick Hope Chest has generously offered to provide Four Seasons Kids with access, free-of-charge, to any children’s clothing that we need to fulfill our distributions to approved families.

Boy Scout Troop 45

Boy Scout Troop 45 has run numerous clothing drives to support Four Seasons Kids over the past year including a sock and underwear drive that provided 252 pairs of new socks and 162 pair of new underwear to Four Seasons Kids!

Girl Scout Troop 688

Girl Scout Troop 688 has generously offered to help fundraise for Four Seasons Kids and their first order of business was a donation of a large supply of laundry detergent that will be used to launder our donated clothing!

Girl Scout Troop 788

Girl Scout Troop 788 has also run numerous clothing drives to support Four Seasons Kids over the past year. These have helped generate donations of desperately needed girls 6, 7/8, 10 and 12 sized clothing to Four Seasons Kids!